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Grow Room Dehumidifier

Grow Room Dehumidifier

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EAST SDD and SDT Grow Room Dehumidifiers are exclusively designed for different size and control systems of grow rooms. It can be firmly fixed on the ceiling to save floor cultivate space. Thanks to the frame supported all metal plate body and separated electrical box, the maintaining process can be easily handle when the unit is hung up. Opposite air inlet and outlet will efficiently reduce the air interference. Long life direct drive motor or EC motor will highly decrease noise and increase air flow. The optional duct kits can be easily connected to meet your different dehumidifying purpose. Memory function of operating mode will immediately guarantee desired humidity in grow room after power outages. Low voltage control and optional third party control port can connect to different controlling system like Trolmaster, Honeywell, or RS485 etc. The world famous compressor with big BTU will make sure the dehumidification efficiency, Save energy, save your cost.
SDD and SDT series dehumidifiers are widely used in greenhouse, plant grow room, warehouse, resident, basement, indoor swimming pool,  indoor parking area, hotel etc. The units are open for developing with your unique requirement of controller, installation way, private label, component brand, appearance, functions.
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100% Support Third-Party Controller for Easy Connection To Your Grow Facilities

Humidity Control & Ventilation & 24V DC Source 

EAST Dehumidifier support third-party controller on the market to connect to your grow facilities, like Honeywell, Trolmaster etc. That makes things easy for general control on one system to set up the desired humidity, monitor the room humidity as well as ventilation. EAST Dehumidifier also provide our own controller for your optional choice, were opening to develop new functions on the control way with you, such as APP, WIFI, Bluetooth etc.


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Efficient Moisture Removal Capacity At Low Amps Draw To Save The Initial Investment

ECM Fan & Thermal Expansion Valve & Maximized Heat Exchanger 

Efficiency increasing of dehumidifier is the goal of East Dehumidifier to pursue. That makes us to use the high quality compressor, well soldered cooper pipe, maximized heat exchanger, thermal expansion valve and ECM fan to maximize the use ratio of every amps draw.


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EAST SDT-150L and SDT-240L exclusively grow room designed dehumidifiers. Third-party controller ready terminal ports. 

1. All metal plate framed structure shell.

2. Separated electrical box for easily maintaining.

3. Low voltage control.

4. Opposite air inlet and outlet to reduce efficiency interference.

5. Duct kits as optional accessories can be easily connected.

6. Long-life brushless direct drive fan.Noise 50% lower.  

7. Memory function of operating mode after power outages.

8. High efficiency rotary compressor. 

Long-life Burshless Direct Drive Fan

SDT series grow room dehumidifiers use brushless direct drive EC motor cooperated with centrifugal fan. Thanks to the brushless rotor,the noise will be 50% lower. And there will be no mechanical wear of rotor or brush, which will contribute longer life of both fan and machine. The motor will directly drive centrifugal fan, so that the air flow will be much more stable and smooth. All of these will bring higher efficiency and longer life.  

Multiple Functional Controller SDT-24DA for Grow room Dehumidifiers SDT-150L and SDT-240L

A new multiple functional controller(SDT-24DA) is also provided  with the SDT grow dehumidifier. It can be used not only for EAST SDT grow dehumidifiers, but also can be used as a third party controller to other modern brand dehumidifiers.

In order to match current modern dehumidifiers & third party controller system perfectly. The SDT Grow Dehumidifier provide 24V DC power for both 24V AC or DC third party controller. While the controller SDT-24DA can be powered by both 24V AC or DC. 

East Dehumidifier FAQ - Frequently Asking Questions 

How can I connect EAST Grow Controller with EAST Grow Dehumidifier?

The EAST Grow Controller is already fixed with plug, you can directly plug into the EAST Grow Dehumidifier and control for dehumidifying or ventilating mode.

You can use below wiring scheme to extend the controlling wires. 

How can I connect EAST Grow Dehumidifier with Third Party Controller?

The updated EAST Grow Dehumidifier is available for Third Party Controller. In order to match current modern dehumidifiers & third party controller system perfectly. The updated EAST Grow Dehumidifier provide 24V DC power for both 24V AC or DC third party controller(40VA max), low voltage control. You can use below wiring scheme to connect third party controller. 

Is there any complicated setting on controller or machine?

There is no any complicated time setting or alarm setting on controller. You can only power on and set your desired humidity, then machine will work or stop automatically.

Auto-restart after power outages. 

Besides the controller display, can I know the working status from machine? 

Yes, of course. In order to easily understand the working status of each dehumidifier, there are LED lights with different colors to show the working status in case it is not convenient for you to check on controller display. 

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