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EAST E750 - 750 pints/day water removal

Utilizing the advanced throttling and prompt energy recovery system, enhancing dehumidification efficiency while releasing less heat from outlet. It maximizes the utilization of KwH for dehumidification, even at a low temperature of 68℉. Exclusively designed for grow room


Removes 750 pints per day @ RH60% 80℉


Rated Input Power


Rated Current Consumption

8.5Pints / Kwh

Water remove efficiency


Cube feet per minitue air volume @ 0.0'


Whole machine warranty

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E750 Grow Dehumidifier
E750 Grow Dehumidifier

Why It's High Efficiency

Simply speaking, EAST enlarged the area of condenser to be more times than evaporator, it makes the temperature of aluminium fins on evaporator unlimited close to icing point, with the precision calculated air volume that getting through the evaporator, we will get the maximum water condensed from the air,to get the maximum efficiency of each Kw consumped.

E750 Grow Dehumidifier

Control System Compatibility - 0.02 Seconds Directly Drive

EAST EDD (East Direct Drive) system can be easily connected to popular 3rd-party control system on the market, like Trolmaster, Honeywell. A 24V power supply module is equiped on the unit. That makes the EAST Dehumidifier unit can be a part of your grow room environment control system.

E750 Grow Dehumidifier

Detachable Digital Controller DHD100

DHD100 precision controller is engineered by East Team especially for the high-efficiency dehumidifier, it can control the dehumidiifer running real-time by its digital signal, and also display the ambient humidity. The controller can be easily installed on the wall by it's 80x60 standard box, and connected with dehumidifier by wires.

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E750 Grow Dehumidifier

Visual Running Status Display

The dehumidifier boasts a visual running status display, providing real-time feedback and operational clarity through an intuitive and user-friendly interface.When malfunction occurs, the indicator light makes it easy to tell where the fault occurred and quickly resolve the issue.

E750 Grow Dehumidifier

Frame Support Metal Plate Machine Body

That provides strong support for each component to reduce resonance and noise, and makes the dehumidifier more stable and long using life.Pure white fine coating to reduce the heat loss.

How It works?

Universal PnP terminals for DHD100 or Popular 3rd-party controller

After several years of contact with foreign growers, the East team found that most of the grow rooms are generally equipped with a variety of different equipment, and the overall control system is usually used as a whole. A dehumidifier that could be easily integrated into the overall control system was our goal. After continuous upgrades, East dehumidifier is equipped with plug-and-play terminals for easy access to the most popular control systems on the market.

E750 Grow Dehumidifier

Plug-and-play terminals & Indicator Light

East dehumidifiers are equipped with plug-and-play port on the side for connecting to the DHD100 controller or third-party controller, total of 7 terminals, just follow the instructions of East to connect the subport for easy plugging and use, please see the instructions for specific methods. In addition, the East dehumidifier is also equipped with a running indicator light, which is convenient and intuitive to check the operating status of the machine, and can be quickly repaired in case of failure.

Instruction Manual
E750 Grow Dehumidifier

DHD100 Controller Wire Scheme

The EAST Grow Controller is already fixed with plug, you can directly plug into the EAST Grow Dehumidifier and control for dehumidifying or ventilating mode.You can use below wiring scheme to extend the controlling wires.

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E750 Grow Dehumidifier

Third Party Controller Wire Scheme

The updated EAST Grow Dehumidifier is available for Third Party Controller. In order to match current modern dehumidifiers & third party controller system perfectly. The updated EAST Grow Dehumidifier provide 24V DC power for both 24V AC or DC third party controller(40VA max), low voltage control. You can use below wiring scheme to connect third party controller.

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E750 Grow Dehumidifier


Net Dimensions: L49.2" * W41.4" * H26.2"

Packed Dimensions: L51" * W43.5" * H31.2"

Net Weight: 320 Lbs

Gross Weight: 375 Lbs

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Dehumidifier Matching Calculate For Grow Room - Project Case

Grow room is a small ecosystem, compared with the uncontrollable nature, in a relatively closed space, as long as it is controlled according to science, the indoor environment can achieve an ideal growth environment. There are many factors that need to be considered when it comes to humidity control, such as room size, number of plants, air conditioning equipment, lighting equipment, irrigation system, etc. It is also necessary to understand the temperature and humidity required for different plants for different growth cycles. Let's take a look at an example.

I have two flowering rooms.
Room parameters: 9 x 5.5 total 50㎡.
3 rows of tables with 54-63 plants each, total 160 plants.
Air conditioner installed with 67K Btu.
18 lamps x 700W.
The temperature and humidity will be like this: 
Flower stage: 
1-10 day: 27C, 70-72% 1.4L/plant
11-20 day: 26C, 70-72% 1.4L/plant
21-42 day: 25C, 58-60% 1.6L/plant 
43-49 day: 24C, 46-50% 1.4L/plant
50-53 day: 20.5C , 42% 1.4L/plant
54-58 day : 15-16C, 40% 1.2L/plant

I want to know how to choose a dehumidifier that can meet the above requirements and save money.So that's very important for me to get higher efficiency dehumidifier.

E750 Grow Dehumidifier

160 plants in each room.
Moisture release for each room 1.6x160=256Liters/day at 25℃. during 1~42 day.
Moisture release for each room 1.4x160=224Liters/day at 24℃, during 43~49 day.
Moisture release for each room 1.4x160=224Liters/day at 20.5℃, during 50~53 day.
Moisture release for each room 1.2x160=192Liters/day at 15℃, during 54~58 day.

As the flower stage shows, the longest and highest moisture release period is 1~42 day;During 50~58 day, the air can not absorb too much moisture due to the low temperature. During 54~58 day, all refrigerant dehumidifiers will be easy to frost and defrost when ambient temperature lower than 18℃, the humidity in the air always low due to low temperature.   

Dehumidificaiton capacities of E210 and E380 are as below at different temperatures (as show in the spec).
E210: 150Liters/day (@30℃/RH80%) 100Liters/day (@26℃/RH60%) 60~70Liters/day (@24℃/RH50%) 
E380:240Liters/day (@30℃/RH80%) 170Liters/day (@26℃/RH60%)  115~125Liters/day (@24℃/RH50%)
We suggest 1 unit E210 + 1 unit E380 total 270 liters at 26℃ can be suitable for 256Liters/day at 25℃.

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