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EAST - Efficiency, Accuracy, Superiority, Technology

EAST team listened to the voice of every cultivator and offer precise humidity control to help you achieve ideal harvests at every stage of growth.

The East Dehumidifiers are built by the Eastern mysterious and big country China, who's famous for the low labor cost and well-developed industry supply chain. That allows us to spend more money on the develop & research, quality control process and lab testing, and to keep the popular price for the dehumidifier as well.

In the meantime, the brand name "EAST" is standing for Efficiency, Accuracy, Superiority and Technology. We're committed to manufacturing high-efficiency and accurate control dehumidifier for our global customer on lower budget by Chinese people's superior technology, wisdom and diligently work.

East Dehumidifier


In the industry of plant growing, humidity control is not just a science, but an art form. We understand that every grower wants their crops to thrive under the most favorable conditions.
East Dehumidifier

As the member of the earlist dehumidifier suppliers in China, the founders of EAST was providing the industrial dehumidifier for the tea grower to store their dry tea leaves in late 90's last century.

When the core member of EAST team entered into the industry of dehumidifier manufacturing decade ago, we were studying the traditional design of dehumidifier, we found that it's main purpose is to achieve the target relative humidity,it's not related to time and efficiency.  That may work when the dehumidifier is setup for the area like storage, warehouse, workshop or any other areas for static objects.  After coming into contact with many growers, we realized that it's not enough to reach the target humidity in the industry of cultivation,  it's related to time and efficiency to controlling the humidity,and it has different humidity requirement at different stage of plant, like seeding, growth and flower. Therefor, a brand-new brand of dehumidifier "EAST" was founded with a mission of optimizing the humidity at lowcost for plant growing. It's combine founded by experienced engineer, designer and producer.

East Dehumidifier

Over the years, EAST has been researching how to improve the efficiency of the dehumidifier, and we have always insisted on optimizing the structural design of the dehumidifier and the ratio of its refrigeration system within the budget, so as to increase the dehumidification capacity and reduce the power consumption.

Today, EAST has been able to mass-produce high-efficiency dehumidifiers with dehumidification efficiency of more than 7pints/kwh, and after studying the electrical standards and usage habits of different countries, the EAST dehumidifier is equipped with a control board with EDD technology that can be connected to a third-party control system with a simple connection, and the EAST DHD100 24V digital controller can also be selected to precisely control the dehumidifier. We're providing reliable, efficiency, affordable dehumidifier to global cultivators to elvate scores of the planting harvset.

EAST Developing History

Witness our continuous development


EAST have supplied more than 30 coutries, 1000+ projects for cultivation


Established the brand "EAST", to provide high-efficiency dehumidifier for cultivator


Exploring the foreign market of dehumidifier, established the team of sales, after-sales.


Built standard 3,000 square meter workshop, R&D department founded.


Building the production line for the industrial dehumidifier to meet the raising sales.


Increase the domestic sales of industrial dehumidifier to diffierent industry in China


Providing industrial dehumidifier for tea storage in China


Strick System Management Makes It Happen
East Dehumidifier
East Dehumidifier

Production Center

  • Production Area More than3000M2
  • Production Assembly Lines4
  • Annual Output More Than 100,000 Units
  • Annual Turnover More Than$15 million
  • Production Experienced Stuffs30+
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East Dehumidifier
East Dehumidifier

Quality Control System

  • Quality In-line Inspect Procedure 10
  • Quality Inspection Equipment10 units
  • Running Testing More Than48 hours
  • Incoming Material Inspection 100%
  • Lab Test & Certificate Inspection 4 Times/Year
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East Dehumidifier
East Dehumidifier

R & D Center

EAST have been spending more money on the R&D of high efficiency dehumidifier for cultivation, 5 engineers who have more than 12 years experience in the industry of dehumidification are focusing on developing & reaserching of dehumidifier.

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East Dehumidifier
East Dehumidifier

Pre-sale Service

EAST Dehumidifier have been in the industry of humidity control for cultivation, we understand the needs, requirement of the cultivation. Before ordering, we will provide complete solutions for your grow room, like the specs for the dehumidifier, quantity needed, and correct model selection, the cost of maintenance and using. 

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East Dehumidifier
East Dehumidifier

After-Sale Service

EAST established the professional after-sale team to solve the quality issues for oversea users. We're providing the service of fast delivery of spare parts, remote diagnostics and guidance, video tutorial materials, and expanding guarantee system.Also, we're exploring the international cooperation for the local market service.

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Industry Certifications

EAST Dehumidifier has passed stringent industry certifications, including CSA , CE ,CCC. These certifications cover a wide range of aspects from electrical safety, social responsibility, product quality and safety for the users.
East Dehumidifier Certificate

CSA certification

The CSA (Canadian Standards Association) certificate for dehumidifiers is a mark of safety and quality that indicates the product has been tested and certified to meet applicable standards for safety and performance in Canada. CSA International, as an accredited certification body, conducts rigorous testing on products to ensure they comply with national and international standards.

East Dehumidifier Certificate

CE certification

The CE marking is a declaration by the manufacturer that their product complies with the essential requirements of the relevant European health, safety, and environmental protection legislation. For dehumidifiers, the CE certificate is not a physical document but a marking that manufacturers affix to their products as a visible sign of compliance with all applicable European Directives and Regulations.

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