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Industrial humidifier is widely used in the area such as fresh storage, textile workshop, electronics workshop, Soondry is providing two kinds of humidifier: ultrasonic humidifier & wet film humidifier. Ultrasonic humidifier uses the principle of ultrasonic high-frequency oscillation to atomize water into ultrafine particles of 1-5 microns, and diffuse the water mist into the air through a wind-driven device, so as to achieve the purpose of uniformly humidifying the air. It is characterized by high humidification strength, uniform humidification and high humidification efficiency. Wet film humidifier uses the evaporative nature of water to continuously send water to the upper part of the wet film through a water pump and a distributor. Under the action of gravity, the water returns to the main water tank through the wet film to form a circulation. When the dry air passes through the wet film, the air fully contacts the wet film, the sensible heat in the air vaporizes the water, and the temperature increases to achieve the purpose of humidification

humidifier   EAST Advantages   

Over 12 years expeirence humidifier manufacturer
ISO9001:2015 certified manfuacturer
 Humidifier customization based on environment requirement
Strict QC system, 48 hours running test for every unit before delivery
High quality famous brand components
Advanced manufacture technology with assemble line
± 2 weeks fast delivery
Quality spare parts provided in the order 

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