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Air Conditioning Dehumidifier

Air Conditioning Dehumidifier

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The temperature regulating dehumidifier, also known as the air conditioning dehumidifier, uses an evaporator and a condenser to process the air, so as to achieve the purpose of temperature regulation and dehumidification. It recovers the condensation heat of the system during its work to make up for the heat lost during cooling and dehumidification in the air. It is an efficient and energy-saving dehumidification method. It has been widely used in national defense engineering, civil air defense engineering, tobacco and petrochemical industries, subway stations, and aerospace. Purification engineering, laboratories, telecommunications equipment rooms, archives, food rooms, pharmaceutical or film workshops, special glass manufacturing, dehumidification and drying of grain, wood, etc., and dehumidification and temperature control of high-humidity spaces, etc., where dehumidification requirements are required.

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Over 12 years expeirence dehumidifier manufacturer
ISO9001:2015 certified manfuacturer
Verified dehumidifier units
Strict QC system, 48 hours running test for every unit before delivery
High quality famous brand components
Advanced manufacture technology with assemble line
± 2 weeks fast delivery
Over 100+ dehumidifier models, 1000+ project cases

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