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How to decrease the noise of dehumidifier

How to decrease the noise of dehumidifier

Dec 28,2021

The noise of dehumidifiers

Dehumidifiers are right now widely used in plant grow, garment factories, pharmaceuticals and many other commercial places. The noise of dehumidifiers  will more or less increase after long time period of working. In this case to know why the noise occur or prevent noise increase will be an important part of dehumidifying stage. 


Where does the noise come from? 

1. If the noise of the dehumidifier increases, first of all, consider whether the ground of the dehumidifier work is flat, especially the dehumidifier that has just been installed and moved. If placed in unstable places, the dehumidifier noise increases.

2. If the inner parts of dehumidifier become loose, the noise of dehumidifier will absolutely increase. Once the parts are loose or fall off, the dehumidifier will make a lot of noise, and at this time, it should be shut down immediately for maintenance.

3. A foreign body fell inside the dehumidifier .Foreign bodies may enter from the air inlet and outlet, especially from the air outlet. So do not put anything into the dehumidifiers. Also keep children away from dehumidifiers to avoid children play with dehumidifiers.

4. When the fan blade of the dehumidifier is deformed and damaged, the dynamic balance will be destroyed, so noise will increase accordingly. If there is a collision or friction occurring between each pipeline, the noise of the dehumidifier will also increase. Lacking of fan oil and abnormal bearing are also the direct cause of the increased noise of the dehumidifier. Of course, when the compressor is abnormal, it will also cause abnormal dehumidifier noise. 

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How to decrease the noise of dehumidifiers ?

1. After long distance transportation or violent move, its better to keep dehumidifiers still for 2~3 hours to avoid compressor damage. For higher dehumidification effect, do close doors and windows while using dehumidifiers. There is chance of refrigerant leakage due to rough handling. Once the wind of  inlet and outlet are same temperature when compressor works, please turn off the machines and ask for maintenance immediately.

2. Good air circulation will increase dehumidifiers efficiency. So keeping the dehumidifiers at the place with good air circulation to avoid airflow short circuit.  

3. Its better to clean the air filter at least once every two weeks. To keep water tank empty if you will not use portable dehumidifiers for a long time.  Never store dehumidifiers inverted so that the compressor will be damaged.

4. Energy saving. While choosing dehumidifiers, do select bigger dehumidification than you calculated for better & fast dehumidify effect. Machine will stop working once meet the target setting to save energy instead of non-stop working.

5. Once you would like dehumidifiers for grow tent, never try cheap dehumidifiers. Professional solutions should be adopted for both safety and efficiency.

6. The world famous compressor like Panasonic or Highly(Hitachi) will keep dehumidifiers work at more stable situation.  


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