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Effects of humidity on plant growth

Effects of humidity on plant growth

Jan 12,2022

Effects of humidity on plant growth

There are many factors affecting absolute humidity, mainly depending on the source of water vapor, water transportation. And the air can maintain how much water vapor. Therefore, such as raining, existing water, soil water level and evaporation conditions are the factors that will affect the water vapor supply. And such as wind, vertical air flow, temperature will affect absolute humidity. Generally, tropical marine air mass has higher absolute humidity than polar marine air mass; the same latitude has higher humidity than areas controlled by continental air mass.The absolute humidity during the year is higher in the rainy season than in the dry season.The change in absolute humidity during the day is the largest in coastal areas and autumn and winter, and the smallest in early morning; in other areas, the two highs appear between 9 and 10 hours and around the day, and the two lows appear before sunrise and afternoon.The vertical distribution of the absolute humidity in the air decreases with increasing height.

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Relative humidity is determined by absolute humidity on the one hand, and by air temperature on the other hand. In cold areas and seasons, the air humidity can easily reach saturation, and the relative humidity may be high when the absolute moisture or water vapor pressure is not too high.The relative humidity is often low in warm areas and seasons under the same absolute humidity conditions.

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Air relative humidity or saturation difference is one of the important factors affecting plant water absorption and transpiration. When the relative humidity is small (the saturation difference is large), if the soil moisture is sufficient, the plant transpiration is stronger, and the plant grows better. If the air humidity is under saturation conditions for a long time, plant growth will be inhibited, resulting in reducing the grouting speed of grain grains, aggravating cotton bud shedding, reducing the vitality of cotton seeds and affecting the quality of cotton harvest. In this case we need to artificially control the relative humidity to achieve stronger transpiration and plant or cannabis thrive.  EAST SDD-138L is a good choice for plant grow dehumidifier. Cheap dehumidifier as it is, you can well control your cannabis growth.  

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