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for plant growing

Control the certain humidity level during every stage of plant growing, optimize environment

  • dehumidifier purpose


    Along with the different humidity and temperature requirement in different growing stage of plants, in mordern plant grow industry, people build special growing room or grow tent for kinds of plant. The most important is the certain level of humidity and temperature. EAST offers the environment control solution for the plant growing.

  • Ceiling mounted dehumidifier


    The popular dehumidification device for plant growing room is ceiling mounte dehumidifier, refrigerant typ dehumidifier is used to control the relative humidity range of 45%~95% with temperature range of 20~35℃. A hanging dehumidifier is helpful for the air ventilation. AC Dehumidifier can be found in EAST categories for temperature control purpose.

  • grow room dehumidifier

    Capability & Serve Area

    EAST Dehumidifier provide the grow room dehumidifier in range of capacity from 70 pints (35 liters) per day to 800 pints (400 liters) per day, and with serve area in range of 30㎡ to 1000㎡ (2.6m floor height). The data above is tested based on the condition of 80℉ ( 27℃ ), RH60%.

  • dehumidifier with humidistat


    A complete control system for a mordern plant growing facility is important, when you have the control of grow lights, fans, irrigation, air conditioner in your grow room, the EAST dehumidifier can be involved in the system to control on/off, ventilation mode easily. Multiple units can be connected for one control system.

Grow room dehumidifier

For Factory Place

Temperature & Humidity Control Solution

Most of the factories around world are facing the humidity and temperature issues on the production, storage stages. EAST Dehumidifier design kinds of models to meet the requirements.

1 Garments Factory

Large capacity industrial dehumidifiers are always used in the Fabric & Accessories warehouse, EAST suggest to use Air Conditioning Dehumidifier in the sewing & packaging workshop to control both humidity and temperature.

  • Fabric storage: Keep the humidity under RH55%
  • Accessories storage: Keep the humidity under RH55%
  • Sewing workshop: Keep the humidity under RH60%
  • Finishing workshop: Keep the humidity under RH55%
  • Packaging: Keep the humidity under RH55%

2 food factory

Air conditioning dehumidifier is good dehumidification device to be installed in the food factory for the product such as milk powerder, chocolate, candy etc. To set up the humidity and temperature on a certain level.

  • EAST air conditioning dehumidifier can maintain the temperature minimum to 20℃
  • EAST air conditioning dehumidifier can maintain the humidity minimum to RH50%
  • Serve the area from 50㎡ up to 1000㎡ (Standard floor height 2.6m)
  • Intelligent touch screen with smart controller to control the temperature and humidity you want.
  • Easy installation with the instructions

3 electronics factory

In order to avoid the risks of static electricity or damp issue during the production of electronic products, Electronic factory always require the humidity 40~60% RH, and around 22℃

  • EAST provide the 2 in 1 units with the function of humidification and dehumidification to maintain the humidity in the specified range.
  • EAST also suggest to use dry cabinet to store the electronic elements to avoid damp

4 Painting workshop

The best condition of painting workshop is temperature 15~25℃,humidity 40-70% RH

  • 4 in 1 units with function of heating,cooling, dehumidification and humidification is recommended
  • EAST will provide complete design for the painting workshop after evaluating the temperture & humidity of environment, size and construction of the room.

For Special Places

Unique Humidity Control Solutions

EAST Dehumidifier are providing temperature & humidity control solutions for special places with strict requirement or special constructure applications, such as pharmaceutical workshop, basement, home repair, laboratory etc.

Pharmaceutical Workshop

Pharmaceutical workshop require strict humdity and cleaning level during the production especially for the powder medicins.Humidity need to under 30%RH, and 100,000 grade cleaning level.

At this strict requirement of conditions, the Desiccant Dehumidifier need to be installed in the place to get the best humidity level.East Dehumidifier also provide customized combined desciant dehmidifier to meet the intergrated requirement.

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basement dehumidifier

Kinds of Basement

The diffcult point of basement humidity control is the drainage, most of them don't have drainage system. So it requires the dehumidifier to have the fucntion of easy drainage.

EAST Dehumidifier has the product category of commercial dehumidifier with the design of water tank or condensate pump inside the unit to solve the problem of driange.And with big wheel move way for easy dehumidication in different basement.

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For Home Repair

In the indusry of home repair service, there is one important repair of flooding restoration.Efficiency dehumidifier is needed to get down the humidity for fast drying.

Commercial portable dehumidifier is one of the best option to be applicated in the home repair serivce, EAST Dehumidifier are offering multiple capacties of dehumidifier model to be used in different areas.

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Laboratory requires stable humidity and temperature in the scientific reaserch and experiment,it's important to have a certain level humidity and temperatuer in the room.

EAST are offering 4 in 1 units with the function of heating, cooling, dehumidification and humidification to create a stable condition for the laboratory.

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For Public Places



Commercial portable dehumidifier



Commercial portable dehumidifier / Ceiling mounted dehumidifier

Indoor Swimming Pool


Industrial dehumidifier / Ceiling mounted dehumidifier

Indoor Parking Area


Industrial dehumidifier / Ceiling mounted dehumidifier



Ceiling mounted dehumidifier

Hydropower Station


Industrial dehumidifier

Metro Staion


Ceiling mounted dehumidifier

Laundry Room


Commercial dehumidifier

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Humidity issue becomes the most import factor to effect production, storation and planting in the industry.EAST dehumidifier is offering complete humidity control solutions for most of the application like workshop, warehouse, greenhouse. No matter how is the area constructure, humidity requirement or usage, you can find the right solutions or right dehumidifiers to optimize your environment. Get start to customize your solution of humidity issue. East Dehumidifier are involved in the categories of dehumidification equipment of Grom Room Dehumidifier, Commercial Portable Dehumidifier, Industrial Dehumidifier, Air ConditionningDehumidifier, Desiccant dehumidifeir etc. With the experience of working for different applications, we can customize equipment with optional functions,appearance,structure for different requirement.

East Dehumidifier have been concertrating in OEM ODM service for our global partners. In the past 12 years, East has established closed relationship with branding business in the world.Different type of business are welcomed to cooperate, Manufacturer,E-commerce, Distributor, Wholesaler, Retailer and End Users.

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EAST Dehumidifier is one of the prime dehumidifier manufacturer in China, our aim is to be the production base of global dehumidifier branding business . We are going to help people to establish own distribute system and create private branding line of dehumidifier equipment with our full support of technology, manufaturing, solutions, after-sale and spare parts. The purpose is to build independent groups by close relationship between you and EAST Dehumidifier to sale quality dehumidifier to region market . Let's get start to work together.

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