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The advantage of using dehumidifiers.

The advantage of using dehumidifiers.

Nov 29,2021

The advantage of using dehumidifiers.

1. Dehumidifying

The most important effect of the dehumidifier is dehumidifying, you can condense the water molecules in the air into water beads, and release the dry air out the dehumidifier, so that the humidity in the room can be kept at certain level by such circulation, not so wet.  

2. Reducing mildew and other bacteria breeding

Furniture, clothes, food are easily to become moldy and smelly during the raining season. This is because the high humidity environment has become a hotbed of bacteria, and allergens such as microbacteria and dust mites will be significantly reduced at below 65 percent of the humidity, making you and your family healthy and free from invasion, and the furniture is clean and durable.

professional dehumidifier

3. Reducing the disease incidence 

Dehumidifier will reduce diseases affected by wet weather: decreasing indoor humidity can reduce pain attacks such as wind humidity, arthritis or neuralgia. 

4. Protecting furniture

Due to the function of dehumidifying, the dehumidifier can also effectively prevent furniture, electronic appliance, books, drugs, food from moisture damage. When the indoor moisture decrease, the household goods are also prevented from the influence of moisture 

dehumidifier energy use

5. Clothes drying

Clothes will dry slowly in wet weather, if you do not have any other tools for drying clothes, you can use a dehumidifier to dry clothes quickly, turn on the dehumidifier in wet weather, clothes can be dry all night.

The working principle is: the fan draws the wet air into the machine, through the heat exchanger, the water molecules in the air are condensed into water beads, the dry air is discharged outside the machine, so that the circulation keeps the indoor humidity in the appropriate relative humidity. 

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6. For plant growing.

Each plant need certain humidity for better growth. And the  need to Nutrient in water need to be transported by water evaporation on leaves. So the faster water evaporates, the more nutrient will be transported into plant. Thus, lower humidity will accelerate the water evaporation. Thats why for the higher productivity of cash crops, people use dehumidifiers to control the humidity. Such as the plant grow dehumidifiers SDD-138L are best-sellers to US plant grow market. 

desiccant dehumidification

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