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Use and difference of R410a, R134a, R407c, and R22 refrigerant

Use and difference of R410a, R134a, R407c, and R22 refrigerant

Oct 20,2022

Nowadays refrigerant R410a, R134a,R407c, and R22 are regarded as the mostly used refrigerant for dehumidifiers.

The R134a is a single-component refrigerant; while the R407c and R410a are a mixed refrigerant.

The R410a is a mixture of R32 and R125, and the R407c is a mixture of R32, R125, and R134a.

The mixed refrigerant can be made according to different flammability, capacity, exhaust temperature and efficiency to meet the specific requirements of refrigerant.

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Refrigerant R134a

Comparing with R22, the capacity of R134a is smaller and lower pressure. So the dehumidifier with refrigerant R134a should be fixed with larger exhaust compressor, larger evaporator, condenser and piping if require same cooling capacity as R22. In this case the R134a system will be more expansive than R22 system based on same cooling capacity.

The requirement of dryer in the R134a refrigerant system should be much higher than R22 refrigerant system to avoid ice blocking due to the high water absorption of R134a, which is 20 times of R22.


The R134a system requires a particular compressor and grease lubricating oil. Due to its high water absorption, high listability and high diffusion properties, the stability of the system performance is inferior to the mineral oil used in the R22 system. 

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Refrigerant R407c

The capacity and pressure of R407c is similar to R22. So the R22 originated system can be used for R407c system with the adjustment of refrigerant system. But the compressor oil should be R407c intercompatible lubricant (POE oil)

The efficiency of R407c will be 5% lower than R22 because of 6℃ temperature slip of R407c. Thus, the r407c system will reduce the heat transfer in both the same heat exchanger. The efficiency will be lower.  

Liquid supplementing is a must to ensure the mixing composition will not change due to the characteristic of R407c. Once the refrigerant of R407c leaks, and the performance of the system changes significantly, the remaining R407c in the system can not be recycled. Should be emptied the whole refrigerant system and add the R407c completely. 


Refrigerant R410a


The capacity and pressure of the R410a refrigerant are higher than the R22, and the pressure is 50% -60% higher. The operating noise of the R410a is significantly 2-4 dB lower than the R22 compressor

 The R410a refrigerant system has a significant heat transfer advantages compared to the R22 system, being 35% higher for the evaporator and 5% higher for the condenser. While the system heat transfer coefficients of both R134a and R407c were lower than R22.

 For the r410a refrigerant system, the size of evaporators and condensers can be smaller and lower cost, and at most 30% refrigerant volume less . In this case the reliability can be higher if less refrigerant can meet same cooling capacity.

 In systems with the same cooling capacity and the same condensation temperature, the efficiency (cop) of the R410a r can be 6% higher than R22. This is due to the lower loss of compressor , higher heat transfer of the evaporator and the condenser, which lead to smaller pressure drop in the whole system. Higher heat transfer and smaller pressure drop contributes to a lower condensation temperature and a higher evaporation temperature, so the compressor will obtain a better operating range with less power consumption and higher efficiency.

EAST dehumidifier is using R410a refrigerant gas for most of dehumidifiers, especially  for South America plant grow dehumidifiers SDD series

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