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The signals of refrigerant leakage.

The signals of refrigerant leakage.

Nov 2,2021

The refrigerant and compressor are right now widely used in many different aspects, no mater in air conditioners or dehumidifiers. Compressor & refrigerant are like heart and blood in the whole circular machine systems. However, due to some terrible environment or poor welding technique, the refrigerant leakage are always occur. 

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Some signals of refrigerant leakage.

1. Refrigerant works circularly inside the condenser & evaporator with high pressure.  Once the refrigerant become less, cooling capacity will be affected. Then the dehumidification will be less per hour.

2. High pressure inside the inner refrigerant circular system. Once the system leaks, it will leak more. And the controlling panel or LCD will show error alarm with the protection system. Such as E06, E05. Depends on different controlling circuit.

3. When the situation become worse, and the machine protection circuit is not good enough. The compressor will be broken.  

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Why does refrigerant leak?

1. Normally the condenser & evaporator are made of aluminum. Although Aluminum is corrosion resistant, something still are harmful to aluminum.  Or shock will break the refrigerant circular system. So please pay very much attention to the environment of dehumidifiers. Connect the drain well to prevent too much cooling water go inside machine. And do avoid heavy shock when transportation.


2. Poor welding confection. Due to the heavy pressure inside the refrigerant circular system. Little welding error during the manufacturing will case tremendous leaking. Thats why EAST DEHUMIDIFIER is using more than 1d0 years welding worker to do such welding work in order to guarantee quality.


3.  Poor material or condenser do not match the compressor pressure. As we know the refrigerant is circulating from compressor to condenser, capillary, evaporator and then back to compressor. While any parts can not bear the heavy pressure from compressor, it will break by the high pressed refrigerant. Thats why all parts should match the compressor pressure. Never big compressor with low pressure parts. Thats why for same capacity, EAST dehumidifier is bigger outer size. Like SDD-138L grow dehumidifier, we use bigger size condenser & evaporate to guarantee dehumidification and thicker copper tube to prevent high pressure shock.  

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