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Waterproof basement, still wet? EAST DEHUMIDIFIER сушака home repair.

Waterproof basement, still wet? EAST DEHUMIDIFIER сушака home repair.

Oct 26,2021

Waterproof basement, still wet?

Nowadays many people would like to make full use of their basement.

It can be used as a leisure room, share leisure time with family and friends. It can be used as a video room, to feel like cinema at home, but also as a fitness room, wine cellar, storage room, storage room......

The imagination is always beautiful than reality. In fact, many owners also know the problem of wet basement. The waterproof construction of basement has been the essential part of apartment decoration.However, after one or two years usage, people will find the  basement mildew, odor, electrical furniture cannot be used and so on. Even during the rain wet seasons, the situation become worse.

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Please do remember  waterproof≠moisture-proof

Waterproof refers to prevent water from infiltrating into our indoor ground or walls, waterproof is protected against liquid water, the best waterproof solution is to choose good waterproof materials and the constructors; Moistureproof refers to prevent items and space affected by high humidity,is to prevent underground moisture (gaseous water). Daily dehumidification mainly refers to removing excess water in the air. Do not use the waterproof method to deal with the moisture-proof problem.Otherwise,as time goes,due to the underground tidal pressure,the waterproof coating layer will be  bubble, fall off.The waterproof function will also be lost.

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Here are some tips to reduce humidity in basement. 

To shorten the temperature difference in basement.You can use ground heat to increase the ground temperature, or use air conditioner to reduce air humidity.

To educe the air humidity.Keep doors or windows open the sun is available.And keep them closed on cloudy or rainy days.  

To use some silicon or absorbent on wall. Such as some activated charcoal or quicklime.In addition, sprinkle some desiccant in some easy to wet corner, which can prevent the basement from being damp and moldy.

Don't keep too many  plants in the basement.Because the respiration of plants produces water vapor, and the basement itself is serious moisture, will heavier the moisture of the basement.So it is recommended to place a dehumidifier in the basement.

To use suitable dehumidifiers in the basement. Such as EAST portable dehumidifiers SDP series. SDP-138B is widely used in basement. It can be easily move. And automatic stop when basement humidity meet the target setting.

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