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What is GR lb IN HVAC? EAST DEHUMIDIFIERS for global dehumidifiers OEM, ODM.

What is GR lb IN HVAC? EAST DEHUMIDIFIERS for global dehumidifiers OEM, ODM.

Sep 14,2021

What is GR lb IN HVAC?

mass of saturated water. vapor per mass of dry air. 16.33 GPK or 114.3 GPP. GPK – Grams Per Kilogram (g/kg) GPP – Grains Per Pound (gr/lb)

Correspondingly, how do you calculate grains per pound?

Multiplying the 30 grains per pound by the total weight of air circulated per hour, will give the total moisture removed in grains. To convert the number of grains to pounds we merely divide by 7,000, or if we want to convert grains directly to gallons, we divide the number of grains by 58,310 (7,000 x 8.33).

Additionally, how do you calculate the grain of moisture in the air? Multiply the result from section 2, step 14 by 0.82455. The figure you calculate will be the absolute humidity for the air, measured in pounds per cubic foot. Multiply the result from section 2, step 15 by 7000 to convert its units to "grains of moisture (per cubic foot)."

In this way, what does grains per pound mean?  

"Grains per pound" (gpp) is the unit used to measure the weight of moisture in air. The number of grains per pound of dry air expresses the specific humidity of the air. Stated another way, specific humidity expresses the weight (in number of grains) of the moisture present in a pound of air.

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How do I lower the humidity in my HVAC?

Four strategies for enhancing HVAC humidity control in an existing system

1. Clean the coils. This is the easiest thing to try first for getting better HVAC humidity control from your older system.

2. Get a preventative maintenance plan.

3. Adjust the airflow.

4. Add a dehumidifier to your system.  So adding a dehumidifier will be the most effective way to control humidity in your HVAC system. The SDD series will be easily connecting with ducts on the flange. So it can be perfectly match your HVAC system. And the small size SDD-58L will be easily hidden into the ceiling. 

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