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How to maintain the refrigerant type dehumidifier in daily use?

How to maintain the refrigerant type dehumidifier in daily use?

Jun 30,2021

Maintenance method of refrigerant dehumidifier

The refrigerant dehumidifier is a professional equipment that uses the principle of physical liquefaction to convert gaseous water into liquid water, so that the water vapor in the air becomes liquid in the refrigerated dehumidifier and flows out, thereby drying the air to achieve the dehumidification effect.

Precautions and maintenance methods for the use of refrigerated dehumidifiers?

1. Clean the filter frequently. After the refrigerating dehumidifier is used for a period of time, the filter will accumulate dust. Excessive dust will not only affect the air volume of the refrigerated dehumidifier, but also reduce the dehumidification capacity of the refrigerated dehumidifier, increase the working time, and increase the power consumption.

2. It is not suitable to start and stop frequently. Same as other refrigeration equipment, the dehumidifier has a large current when it starts, and frequent switching is easy to consume electricity, and it is easy to damage the compressor in the refrigeration dehumidifier, thereby reducing its service life.

3. The refrigerating dehumidifier is automatically controlled by a computer, and its control circuit controls the original components of the board. The maintenance should be performed by professionals. It is best not to disassemble it by yourself, which may cause unnecessary damage.

4. When the internal machinery of the dehumidifier is accumulated or blocked by dust, it should be cleaned with a soft brush instead of hard objects.

5. Regular maintenance: Long-term use of refrigerated dehumidifiers may cause aging of internal electrical circuits and control components. If it is severely damaged due to aging, repair it immediately to prevent further expansion of the fault.

6. In the event of a power outage or long-term non-use (such as traveling, etc.), please pay attention to unplug the power supply to save electricity.

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