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How to use correctly of a portable dehumidifier in your home?

How to use correctly of a portable dehumidifier in your home?

Jun 22,2021

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The dehumidifier is here, plug it in immediately?

After the dehumidifier arrives, it's better not to use it immediately, stand it alone for 4-6 hours. This is because the machine will inevitably be tilted or overturned during transportation. Tilting and overturning will cause the condensate in the compressor to move, causing the dehumidification to not work properly or the effect is not good and the noise is high.The use of this dehumidifier will make the compressor refrigerant return in place without affecting the dehumidification effect. At the same time, when operating the dehumidifier at home, pay attention to ensure that the tilt angle of the machine is not greater than 45 degrees. Usually purchased dehumidification rotor compressor can be placed for three hours

Place the dehumidifier in the corner?

Place the dehumidifier in the corner to dehumidify? This approach is wrong. The dehumidifier should not be placed in a corner or close to the wall. The uncovered place above the body need to be more than 10 cm. This will cause moisture to enter, and dry air will not get out, which will affect the dehumidification effect. For dry operation, please pay attention to at least 50 cm from the air outlet.

The appropriate location is where the air is ventilated. It is recommended to place the dehumidifier in the center of the house, so as to leave enough space around and let in and out of the air more smoothly. It should be noted that, of course, the air outlet cannot face people.

In addition, pay attention to the placement of the dehumidifier, choose a relatively flat place, and the ground should be hard. Do not place the machine on soft, uneven ground, as this will cause the dehumidifier to slip.

Do not close the windows when using the dehumidifier?

This misconception clearly shows that if the machine does not close the window, the moisture outside the window will continue to enter the room. Even if the dehumidifier is turned on for a day, the moisture in the room will not be absorbed. It is recommended to close the doors and windows before starting the machine to form a closed space. This principle is the same as air-conditioning cooling and air cleaner purifying the air.

Does it matter if the dehumidifier is placed next to the heat source?

It is best not to put the dehumidifier next to the heater. First, thermal expansion and cold contraction can easily cause mechanical deformation; second, use a dehumidifier to disperse the heat through the box. If the temperature is too high, it cannot disperse, which affects the dehumidification effect, wastes resources, and affects the life of the machine.

Does the dehumidifier have no requirement for room temperature?

Dehumidification equipment requires high room temperature, and the general temperature is 20°C-38°C. Above this temperature, the dehumidification effect will be greatly reduced. Dehumidifiers below 18°C will cause frosting. But ordinary dehumidifiers have automatic defrosting function. The defrost time per hour is approximately 10 minutes. The frost is removed and the dehumidification efficiency is reduced.

Place the drain pipe at random?

Drainage outlets can be divided into two types, one is water tank drainage, and the other is drainage pipe drainage. When using the drain pipe, pay attention to the height or level. Do not fold or go from head to toe to avoid blocking the drainage. If the dehumidifier is automatically equipped with a discharge pump, it can naturally achieve low to high discharge.

Does the dehumidifier need maintenance?

Does the dehumidifier really need no maintenance? In fact, this is wrong. There is a filter at the air inlet of the dehumidifier, which will absorb some dust for a long time and affect the air inlet effect. The filter must be cleaned regularly, ventilated and dried, and then used again. The surface of the machine can be cleaned with a soft cloth. Do not rinse directly with water, otherwise it will cause leakage.

Is the power supply voltage universal?

Before turning on the dehumidifier, you must confirm that the power supply voltage is correct. Try to use dedicated sockets, and it is strictly forbidden to use multi-hole sockets. Ensure that the socket is grounded, and it is forbidden to fold redundant power lines. Do not plug in the power source in a humid place. Do not use power or sockets to control the start or stop of the dehumidifier. Please be careful not to squeeze the wires when moving the dehumidifier

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