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How to select right dehumidifier for your application area?

How to select right dehumidifier for your application area?

Jun 15,2021

EAST SDP Series Commercial Dehumidifier

When you work in an office area or warehouse, it doesn't take very long to realize that humidity can cause a rather stuffy smell to be generated within the building. Because of the way these structures are designed, they rarely have excellent ventilation, which can easily allow humidity to build up. This can become a significant problem, not only leading to such things as mold and mildew, but also increasing the allergies that people are suffering from. This can add a wide variety of health problems for your workers, customers, and for the building in general.The solution is to look for a commercial dehumidifier that can handle the size structure that you have, reducing moisture throughout the complex so that you reduce the possibility of humidity building up, thus removing the smells and improving the overall health of the structure itself. While there are many different kinds of commercial dehumidifiers, you want to find one that is perfect for your business, whether you are talking about a giant warehouse structure or a small office.This may not have seemed like a big deal to you before, but if you have had trouble where humidity has built up in the structure, you are probably aware of how this can damage your equipment, products, and endanger the health of your employees. Getting a quality commercial dehumidifier can really make a difference and help you reduce costs associated with employees being out sick or with allergic reactions, as well as reducing potential damage to your goods. And to get the most suitable unit for you, you need to know the detials of dehumidifier.

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How dose a EAST commercial dehumidifier work?

Commercial dehumidifier is designed to be removed moisture in the air of room, when the compressor inside working, it will cool down aluminium chips that on the evaporator, the centrifugal fan extract wet air in the room through evaporator, the moisture in the air condensed into water and drain out. After continuously circulating, the relative humidity will go down to a specified level which is comfortable for human beings and to prevent humidity problems for objects.

How to determine right capacity of EAST dehumidifier you should buy?

Extremely wet 90%~100% RH you need to extract 10 liters for every 50 sq.m, and add 4 liters for every additional 50 sq.m Wet 80%~90% RH you need to extract 8 liters for every 50 sq.m, and add 3.5 liters for every additional 50 sq.m Very Damp 70%~80% RH you need to extract 6 liters for every 50 sq.m, and add 3 liters for every additional 50 sq.m Dampness 60%~70% RH you need extract 5 liters for every 50 sq.m, and add 2.5 liters for every additional 50 sq.m

How do I know the right CMH and ACH that needed for the area?

ACH is that the air exchange times per hour needed for the area,here under is the recommended value that for different conditions. 

Extremely wet 90%~100% RH ACH=6 

Wet 80%~90% RH ACH=5 

Very Damp 70%~80% RH ACH=4 

Dampness 60%~70% RH ACH=3 

 CMH is a parameter to represent the circulating air flow which means cube meter per hour that dehumidifier working in the area, it equals to cube meters of area by ACH needed. For example, 50 sq.m area with floor height 3 meters, in 90%~100% RH condition, it needs 50x3x6=900 CMH.

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