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Cannabis plant in Thailand 2021. | EAST DEHUMIDIFIERS for global dehumidifiers OEM, ODM.

Cannabis plant in Thailand 2021. | EAST DEHUMIDIFIERS for global dehumidifiers OEM, ODM.

Oct 3,2021

Cannabis plant in Thailand 2021.

Thailand's Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that government, private companies, farmers and general people could apply for cannabis planting after the Public Health Department had removed it from the Category 5 drug list.

The FDA said people can apply for cannabis planting, whether commercial, medical, educational, research purposes. Cannabis fiber and its oil extracts can also be used in textile materials, beverage, food supplements and cosmetics industries.Bangkok residents can apply at the FDA headquarters, while other residents must apply at local office of public health.

The new regulations allow the planting, acquisition, produce and possession of cannabis, according to Supatra Boonserm, deputy secretary general of the Food and Drug Administration. Cannabis export is allowed, but imported seeds are not allowed.

In particular, the public has to obtain permission from the FDA to grow cannabis or it remains illegal. Application may be made to the Food and Drug Administration Bangkok Office or the provincial Department of Health.

The new regulations open to all local people. And any Thai can get permission to grow cannabis. Cannabis is a cash crop with great potential with a wide range of industrial and commercial uses.Certain parts of cannabis can be processed into drugs, food, cosmetics, and dietary supplements.

Never confused cannabis planting and cannabis narcotics. Cannabis planting has been removed from the five categories of narcotics list in November 2020.kris thirakaosal (Golden Triangle) said, " This market is huge for everyone and can grow effectively and sustainably.

Chris's company has been waiting for the day.The Bangkok-based cannabinoid producer has teamed up with Chiang Lerajabat University (Chiang Rai Rajabhat University) to establish a facility to plant and develop cannabis varieties. 

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From begging of 2021, there are many buyers from Thailand have been inquiring planting dehumidifiers for different plant grow purpose. Especially our ceiling mounted plant grow dehumidifier SDD-138L. When planting space is much bigger, EAST Dehumidifier can also provide bigger capacity grow dehumidifiers like SDD-240L, SDD-480L. High efficiency for dehumidifying. 

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