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Latest dehumidifiers for space saving. EAST DEHUMIDIFIERS for global dehumidifiers OEM, ODM.

Latest dehumidifiers for space saving. EAST DEHUMIDIFIERS for global dehumidifiers OEM, ODM.

Jul 28,2021

Being bored with the on wall facilities due to much space occupied? So right now more and more facilities are designed to space saving. So are the dehumidifiers. 

For plant grow, the land space is quite important when cultivating. Thus, the ceiling mounted dehumidifiers will be absolutely welcomed. EAST dehumidifier provides ceiling mounted dehumidifiers with different capacities for all kinds of plant grow or green house environment. SDD-138L is the best-seller model widely used in US cultivating. Can be custom make the controlling system when connecting many machines together. High efficiency and small out shape with world wide power supplier makes it an up and coming.

mini dehumidifiers

When dehumidifier comes to home use. People are not satisfied with single dehumidifier with small wheels due to current living space is too much precious. Now new mode in wall dehumidifiers are brought forth. It fits in two walls and with air inlet & outlet are on the same surface to save much space in living room. Can be used in apartments, single-family homes, hotels to maintain a healthy humidity level. 

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Whatever ceiling mounted or in wall dehumidifiers, they are suitable for space saving humidity control. Grow house or home use, can be all OEM & ODM at EAST dehumidifier.

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