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Working theory of a refrigerant dehumidifier, and other type dehumidifier

Working theory of a refrigerant dehumidifier, and other type dehumidifier

Jun 8,2021

What's the working theory of a dehumidifier?

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Main types of dehumidifiers
1.1 According to the function of use, it can be divided into: general type, cooling type, temperature adjustment type, and multi-function type.
The general dehumidifier means that the air is cooled and dehumidified by the evaporator, heated by the reheater to lower the relative humidity, and the condensation heat of the refrigerant is taken away by the air flowing through the reheater. The air outlet temperature cannot be adjusted. Dehumidifier for heating and dehumidification.
The cooling type dehumidifier refers to the general dehumidifier, most of the condensation heat of the refrigerant is taken away by the water-cooled or air-cooled condenser, and only a small part of the condensation heat is used to heat the air after the evaporator, which can be used for cooling Dehumidifier for dehumidification.
Temperature-regulating dehumidifier means that on the basis of general dehumidifiers, the condensation heat of the refrigerant can be taken away in whole or in part by the water-cooled or air-cooled condenser, and the remaining condensation heat is used to heat the air after passing through the evaporator. Dehumidifier with adjustable wind temperature.
Multifunctional dehumidifier refers to a dehumidifier that integrates three functions of heating and dehumidification (general), cooling and dehumidification, and temperature adjustment and dehumidification. When there is no outdoor unit (air-cooled) or cooling water (water-cooled), you can still choose to heat up and dehumidify Dehumidifier that functions to dehumidify.
1.2 According to whether there is a fan or not, it can be divided into: conventional dehumidifier and duct type dehumidifier.
1.3 According to the structure, it can be divided into: integral type, split type and integral mobile type.
1.4 According to the applicable temperature range, it can be divided into: A type (normal type 18 ~ 38 ℃), B type (low temperature type 5 ~ 38 ℃).
1.5 According to the return air method, it can be divided into: front return, front delivery with hood type, back return top delivery type, etc.
1.6 According to the control mode, it can be divided into: automatic type and non-automatic type.
1.7 According to special usage, there are fresh air type and explosion-proof type.
2.Desiccant dehumidifier (absorption)
The main structure of the rotating wheel dehumidifier is a continuously rotating honeycomb drying wheel. The drying wheel is the key component of the dehumidifier to absorb moisture. It is composed of a corrugated medium made of a special composite heat-resistant material. The corrugated medium contains moisture absorbent. This design has a compact structure and can provide a huge surface area for full contact between the humid air and the hygroscopic medium. Thereby greatly improving the dehumidification efficiency of the dehumidifier.
3. Solution dehumidifier (absorption)
The solution dehumidification air conditioning system is a new type of air conditioning product developed based on the active dehumidification air treatment technology that uses a dehumidifying solution as a hygroscopic agent to adjust the air humidity and water as a refrigerant to adjust the air temperature, which can provide fresh air operating conditions; its core is to use dehumidification The physical properties of the agent, through innovative solution dehumidification and regeneration methods, achieve high-efficiency dehumidification above the dew point temperature. The system temperature and humidity adjustment is completely carried out in an open atmosphere at normal pressure. It has the technical characteristics of simple manufacture, reliable operation, energy saving and high efficiency. This system is mainly composed of four basic modules. They are supply air (fresh air and return air) module, humidity control module, temperature control module and solution regenerator module

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