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Will dehumidifier frost?

Will dehumidifier frost?

Update Time:2022/9/15
Dehumidifier will frost if working in the working temperature is lower than 18℃
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The working temperature of dehumidifier is 5~38℃. And it will frost if the room temperature is lower than 18℃. The principle of dehumidifier is similar as air conditioner, with the auto-defrost system, it can work in condition higher than 5℃. The dehumidification will rely on room temperature.

Normally when evaporator temperature will easily meet 0℃ or even lower if room temperature is lower than 18℃. In this condition the water on evaporator will frost.

But do not worry,there is auto-defrost system on EAST dehumidifier. It will switch into defrost mode and start to dehumidify once the defrost mode finish.