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Is there any protecting for compressor?

Is there any protecting for compressor?

Update Time:2022/9/15
Complete protection for EAST DEHUMIDIFIERS
dehumidification system

Complete circuit protections are essential parts of EAST dehumidifiers.

The secondary start delay is the basic compressor protection. In case of unstable power supply or frequent on-off operation. The compressor will not immediately start until 3~5 minutes later so that the refrigerant inside and compressor can be in good condition.

Besides that, fan off delay protection and low refrigerant pressure indication on screen are also available for EAST dehumidifiers. Fan will continue work for 3~5 minute to release hot air  after compressor off.

And in case of terrible conditions, such as high temperature or fan blocks, there will be high pressure inside the refrigerant circulation. The protection mechanism will be also triggered to protect compressor. 

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