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How Long Is Your Delivery Time?

How Long Is Your Delivery Time?

Update Time:2022/9/15
EAST Dehumidifier Delivery Time
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Annual Production Capacity
East Dehumidifier manaufacturer has 2 lines for portable and ceiling mounted dehumidifier and 1 line for industrial dehumidifier with over 140 thousand units annual production capacity. Now we are under 80% production capacity untilised at this moment.

QC philosophy of East Dehumidifier

To produce standard quality dehumidifier that meet reasonable requirement for clients, build frank, clear and efficiency QC team. Bulk purchase of core spare parts like compressor, controller, heat exchanger, metal plate to ensure stable quality product.
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Delivery time of bulk wholesale units
For the existing units with standard components, we have the below delivery time in normal production.

1-50 units: 15~20 days

51-200 units: 20-25 days

Above 200 units: 25-30 days

Slight customization 

If you are requesting to have slight customization on our units, such as specify brand compressor, different shell colors, controll fucntion, or extra flanges, we need longer time to do it.

20-50 units: 20~25 days

51-200 units: 25-30 days

Above 200 units: 35-40 days

Fully customization

If you want to have brand new models for your branding business, we support fully customization. We need around 4 weeks to finish the design and quotation. Delivery time will be 30-35 days for the first order.

Urgent request

Here we have special production to make urgent order, we may request you to make full payment to start production, and the prices will be 20% higher than normal production order.

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