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EAST Dehumidifiers manuals download
bathroom dehumidifier
The SDD series dehumidifiers are designed for cultivation with over head installation. They utilize world-famous compressor, big heat exchanger and centrifugal fan to achieve maximum dehumidifying efficiency and performance. Not only save the energy consumption, but also save owners’ investment cost.

Different dehumidification capacity can match different cultivation size.  You can download SDD series manuals below to make your wise choice. 

dehumidifier how to use
SDD-26L manual
2000 sq ft dehumidifier
SDD-58L manual
best dehumidifier for house
SDD-90L manual
crawl space dehumidifier with pump
SDD-138L manual
compressor dehumidifier
SDD-150L manual
domestic dehumidifiers
SDD-168L manual
best bathroom dehumidifier
SDD-240L manual
dehumidifier size chart
SDD-360L manual
dehumidifier and purifier
SDD-480L manual
industrial size dehumidifier
SDD-720L manual
best cheap dehumidifier
SDD-960L manual
EAST ONE manual